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Many people like music; it is part of our lives. You listen to music at the gym, after a long day of work, after school, on the bus journey. The MP3 file format is more than 20 years old. During this time, MP3 has been surpassed by other file formats, MP4. MP4 is the next generation of MP3.

MP3 is a short-form for MPEG3. Its file size is smaller than CDs. They only take up to 1/10 of the storage size compare to a CD audio track. MP3 compress and decompress digital sounds. It is known as codec. Many audios today is in MP3 format.

MP4 is a short form of MPEG4. MP4 used for video. So a MP4 player can store audio, video, or other data like subtitles. Many experts suggested that MP4 video file sound better than MP3 if they are similar in size. As MP4 using Advanced Audio Coding technology which is a newer compression technology. But MP4 will take up more storage space than MP3, so you have to make sure you have enough hard drive space. MP4 formats can easily compress without distortion of the content.

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