Bluetooth Headset vs Wired Headphone


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Bluetooth headset is more convenience while traditional wired headphone is more reliable and better quality.

More people like to use wireless headphone as they can connect to your device, i.e. your mobile phone without a wire. Wireless headphone will come with cord, so you can still plug it into your device if you wish. Wireless headphones can connect to your device via Bluetooth. You will need to make sure your headphones are in Bluetooth pairing mode, and also your device. If you purchase a wireless headset, you do not need to worry about tangled cables, they can connect to your device and there is no longer a noticeable hit to sound quality. Set up the wireless headphone is very simple and it normally will reconnect automatically thereafter. But you have to remember to charge your battery, if the battery runs out, the headphone will completely loss the function unless you plug in the cord. Bluetooth headsets don’t have enough bandwidth or the performance to keep the quality, Bluetooth cannot have higher quality audio than the wired one, especially on high-end headphones.

Wired headphone connects to your device by 3.5mm headphone socket – Aux in. It is very easy to use; you can just plug in and play. And if you have an older device, such as hi-fi system, CD player, record player, TV, you can connect a wired headphone. Most of the latest mobile phone does not have a 3.5mm socket.

Whether to purchase a wired or Bluetooth headphone, it is your personal choice. Fusion Battery has a wide range of headphone batteries to make sure your headphones keep on running. Click here to look for yours.

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