Are eBooks More Popular Than Traditional Hard Copy Books?


eBook Reader Battery

eBooks are getting more and more popular during the pandemic, as all the libraries are closed. People’s buying pattern has changed. eBooks help to save the environment, no trees will die. A lot of people only purchase the book and read once. So what will happen to the book afterwards? It will end up in the landfill waste. And eBooks are searchable, if you want to search some information in the books; it is easy to search in eBooks. When you go to travel, eBooks become very handy, you can have thousands of books in the device and you can also change font size, if your eyes are tired you can increase the size of the text to read. Also eBooks allow you to get the book instantly. You can just download or purchase it online whenever time you want. You don’t even need to get dressed to drive to the shop to buy.

There are some disadvantages of eBooks, you will need to buy a device before you can get the eBooks. And you will need to recharge the batteries for your eBook readers. If your device runs out of batteries, then you can’t even read any eBooks. But paper books do not run out of batteries.

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