Key Features To Consider Before You Buy A Sat Nav


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Nowadays, Sat Nav is everywhere no matter where you are going and what you are doing. You will find it in your car, attached with your mountain bikes, smartphones Apps, GPS tracking system and etc. Here are some tips for you if you are choosing a Sat Nav:

  1. Lane Guidance: Some Sat Nav will not only guide you the way to go, but to tell you which lane you actually need to go on.
  2. Speed Camera Alerts: Some Sat Nav have a function to connect to your mobile via Bluetooth so you can have live updates on where is the speed camera. Or you can download the live map before you start your journey.
  3. Map: Different model of Sat Navs will come with different maps, for example Worldwide maps, EU maps, UK and Ireland map. You will need to choose which map is more suitable for you.
  4. Live Update For Traffic: Live update for traffic jam or anywhere that road closed before you set off your journey, so you can avoid all those by selecting a new route in your sat nav.
  5. Voice Control: When you are driving, voice control is very handy. You can just tell your sat nav what to do by your voice.
  6. Points Of Interest: It will provide points of interest that you need, ie petrol station, McDonald, café, shopping center, train station, bus station, hospital..etc. Most of the sat navs have this feature.
  7. Dashcam: Some model will come with dashcam with the sat nav, which will record video of the road when you are driving.
  8. 3D Navigation: If your sat nav offer a 3D view when you are driving, you can know the road more clear ahead especially when you are in a place that you are not really familiar. It might have a sharp corner, busy town...etc, 3D view will be very useful.
  9. Built-in SIM: Some sat nav can connect via Bluetooth to get information about the traffic updates and speed camera alerts. If it has a built in SIM, then you do not need to worry about the data amount.
  10. Battery Life: Sometimes your sat nav is not plugged into your car, battery life will become important. Always check your battery life before your journey.

Those are the features that you will need to consider before buying a Sat Nav. Before the journey, please do remember to check the status of your battery especially if you are cycle riding, climbing and hill walking. Fusion Battery has a wide range of Sat Nav batteries available. Click here to find yours.

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