How to look after your camera and battery?


Camera Batteries

It is important to look after both of your camera and battery so your camera and battery will have a longer life. Many people like to take photos via their camera but not everyone know how to look after their camera battery.

There are 7 ways to look after your camera and battery to make it last longer:

  1. Turn off the wireless, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS will drain a lot of battery. If you turn off the wireless function, it will save a lot battery life.
  2. Do not put stabilisation on. Only turn it on when you need it.
  3. Put the automatic sensor cleaning off, each time if you turn on and off your camera, your battery will add extra load.
  4. Turn off the image review function, it is because this function take up the battery power, if you are not using it, just turn it off.
  5. Turn the brightness down of your camera, it will help to save battery.
  6. If you are not using your camera, just turn it off. Some people like to leave the camera on all the time, so they can quickly capture the moment that they passed by. But if you are in a long car journey, it is a good idea to shut the camera down.
  7. If you found your battery do not last as long as before, replace it. If you keep on using the old battery, your shooting time will get shorter and shorter; it will affect your camera as well.

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