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Battery Types

There are different battery types, i.e. Li-ion, NiCd, NiMh and etc. These are all the battery type you might come across. But which battery type is the best? It would probably Li-ion battery. It is because Li-ion batteries can recharge very quickly and also can provide power for extended periods of time.

To purchase a battery, you always see on the label for the below specification. Voltage (V), amp-hours (Ah) and battery type (Li-ion, NiMH, NiCd). What is all these information means to you?

The Voltage (V) is how much power the battery can provide, it means if your battery has enough ‘strength’ or not. The higher voltage the more powerful will be the battery. But it will make the tool or machine heavier.

The ampere hour (Ah) means how much charge the battery can store. The higher Ah, the more ‘fuel’ that the battery can store the energy; it means the longer usage time. A common question to ask is how long my battery last? Some batteries measure is Ah, and some smaller batteries measure in mAh. 1Ah is equal to 1000mAh. For example, a machine draws 3.0 amps of current will drain the total charge of a 3.0Ah battery in one hour. In this theory, a 6.0Ah battery will last for 2 hours. But this assumes the machine is constantly draws 3.0A, but this can never happens in the real world. A double Ah battery i.e. 6.0Ah battery is not necessarily going to last twice as long as a 3.0Ah battery. In some cases, it may last longer than twice. It will depend on which type of battery you have.

The battery type, i.e. Li-ion, NiCd, NiMH and etc, is what type of materials used to make this battery. Difference battery type use difference material.

Fusion Battery has difference type of batteries, come to have a look. If you are not sure which battery model is suitable to your device, please feel free to contact us by sending an email or live chat with us.

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