Battery for Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 - 2000mAh

Compatible with:
B 18
BX 18
BXL 18
BXS 18
MX 18
MXM 18
MXS 18

Capacity: 2000mAh

Type: Ni-MH

Voltage: 18V

Color: Black

Dimensions: 136.30 x 83.10 x 69.50 mm

12 month warranty


Normal price: £52.40
Our price: £44.54

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Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 Battery Description
We focus on bringing the best replacement batteris to our customers, Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery is designed to meet or exceed the OEM specifications. Manufacturers names and numbers are used for reference purposes only. These parts are in no way associated with the initial manufacturers parts.
*Special designed replacement battery for Chicago Pneumatic CP8745.
*Manufactured by Hi-Capacity battery cell, no memory effect and environment friendly.
*We accept credit card payment through Paypal payment systems.
*This Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery has been tested and validated on Chicago Pneumatic systems to ensure it will work with your device.
*100% safe online shopping guaranteed. 100% quality assurance.
*Built-in rechargeable Chicago Pneumatic battery protection circuit.
*If you have any question about our Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 batteries, please don't hesitate to contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.

Battery for Chicago Pneumatic CP8745

Compatible part numbers:
B 18
BX 18
BXL 18
BXS 18
MX 18
MXM 18
MXS 18

This battery is compatible with:
AEG BDSE 18 T Super
AEG Cordless Drill Driver BS 18 X
AEG SB2E 18 T Super
AEG Torque
AEG Torque BSB 18STX
Chicago Pneumatic CP8745
Milwaukee 0521-20
Milwaukee 0521-21
Milwaukee 0521-22
Milwaukee 0522-20
Milwaukee 0522-21
Milwaukee 0522-22
Milwaukee 0522-24
Milwaukee 0522-25
Milwaukee 0522-52
Milwaukee 0523-20
Milwaukee 0523-22
Milwaukee 0524-20
Milwaukee 0524-22
Milwaukee 0524-24
Milwaukee 0524-52
Milwaukee 0622-20
Milwaukee 0622-24
Milwaukee 0624-20
Milwaukee 0624-24
Milwaukee 0625-20
Milwaukee 0625-24
Milwaukee 0627-20
Milwaukee 0627-24
Milwaukee 0628-24
Milwaukee 0629-24
Milwaukee 0780-20
Milwaukee 0880-20
Milwaukee 0901-24
Milwaukee 0901-28
Milwaukee 0902-24
Milwaukee 0902-28
Milwaukee 0903-28
Milwaukee 0904-28
Milwaukee 0912-29
Milwaukee 0923-25
Milwaukee 0923-29
Milwaukee 1109-20
Milwaukee 1109-21
Milwaukee 1109-24
Milwaukee 1109-52
Milwaukee 3109-21
Milwaukee 3109-24
Milwaukee 49-24-0160
Milwaukee 5361-20
Milwaukee 5361-21
Milwaukee 5361-24
Milwaukee 5361-52
Milwaukee 6310-20
Milwaukee 6310-22
Milwaukee 6320-20
Milwaukee 6320-21
Milwaukee 6320-22
Milwaukee 6320-24
Milwaukee 6514-20
Milwaukee 6514-21
Milwaukee 6515-20
Milwaukee 6515-21
Milwaukee 6515-22
Milwaukee 6515-23
Milwaukee 6515-27
Milwaukee 6515-52
Milwaukee 6515-99
Milwaukee 9078-20
Milwaukee 9078-22
Milwaukee 9079-20
Milwaukee 9079-22
Milwaukee 9079-23
Milwaukee 9099-20
Milwaukee 9099-23
Milwaukee LokTor H 18
Milwaukee LokTor P 18 TX
Milwaukee LOKTOR P 18 TXC
Milwaukee LokTor S 18 PX
Milwaukee LokTor S 18 TX
Milwaukee LOKTOR S 18 TXC
Milwaukee PIW 18
Milwaukee PMS 18
Milwaukee PSH 18
Milwaukee PSH 18X
Milwaukee PWS 18
Secure & Guarantee:
*Brand New, 1 Year Warranty, 30 Days Money Back garantee.
*Buy Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery with 100% safe and secure. We do not sell, rent or share information of our customers with other parties. Fusino Battery guarantee your payment transaction will be 100% safe.
*100% quality control assurance. Our Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery have passed strict quality assurance procedures to achieve international standards such as CCC, UL, CUL, TÜV ,CE and ISO9001/9002 certification.
*High Quality Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 batteries. Grade A cells,100% OEM compatible and stable performance.
*Guard against identity theft. Only authorised personnel are permitted to process your order and handle your personal data.
*Packages arrive safely. All orders are usually ship within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.
Tips to you:
*Don't modify or disassemble battery.
*Don't pierce, hit, step on, crush or abuse the Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery.
*Don't expose battery to water or other moist matters.
*Don't incinerate or expose Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery to excessive heat, which may result in an exposure.
*Don't place Chicago Pneumatic CP8745 battery in the device for a long period of time if the laptop is not being used.
*Don't short circuit the terminals or store your battery pack with metal objects such as hairpins or necklaces.